but i still wanna touch it if you let me because we hugged a few times and it was special

♫ Muscles – Sweaty

So I’m 3 years late on this guy but Australia’s Muscles is well worth getting acquainted with. He first caught my eye with the amazing and intense video for his new single “Girl Crazy Go”, causing me to immediately buy his 2007 debut LP Guns, Babes, Lemonade. Let me focus on that album for a bit because there is a lot of awesomeness going on that needs to be addressed. Right from that album art and title combo we know this guy has come to party and album opener “Sweaty” is living proof. The main complaint against Muscles is his semi-grating voice (a bastard talk-sing mix of Calvin Harris and James Murphy) but it quickly grew on me and only adds to his appeal as the guy next door who just wants to throw mad parties and get crazy with his friends. Every track on the album is packed with huge hooks, immediately catchy sing-along lyrics, and tons of “WHoooo”s and “YEaaahhh!”s that are perfect for one handed fist pumping between gulps of beer. “Sweaty” was my immediate favorite but that’s probably just cause it’s first on the disc. Choosing a second jam to share with you all wan’t easy because each time I listen to the album I fall in live with a different track.

♫ Muscles – Lauren From Glebe

“Lauren From Glebe” is today’s favorite so I’m going with it. It’s a perfect combination of all of Muscles passions: partying, friends, dancing, and romance. Oh, and yelling “woooo” a lot. My kind of guy. I already love this album and it’s still getting better with each listen so treat your weekend right and add it to the festivities. Also check out one more track with the video for another album favorite “The Lake” below.

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  1. Jstempeck
    Jstempeck says:

    loved this album! was wandering where this guy went for the last three years, he seemed to piss off every Aussie music blogger out there.

    ‘ice cream’ was my song of summer 2007. Man this guy likes / liked saying woo….

  2. astra
    astra says:

    I saw him at CMJ in ’07 (with New Young Pony Club!!! Yay Modular!!!) and he was pretty darn fantastic.

    I don’t mind his voice one bit. I would rather listen to him than someone like the vocalist from Coheed. Any day.

  3. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Yeah! It’s so funny how one album can be relevant to two people so many years apart. It’s a crazy world. I’m stoked on his new EP! We can finally rock to Muscles together!

  4. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    It’s funny that you mention Coheed cause I had just got a new track of theirs and was digging it when I got this comment. I dunno, I’m down with his voice. To each their own :) Maybe we can get Claudio and Muscles on a duet?

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