[LP] SNACKY TUNES drops tasty tracks from PIGEON JOHN and OBERHOFER

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♫ Pigeon John – I’m A Gangster (Snacky Tunes LIVE) (actually titled “So Gangster”)

Anyone who read about the awesome Punches yesterday already heard about Snacky Tunes Vol. 1 but for those of you that didn’t run out and grab the free compilation of live recordings let this serve as a clear endorsement. Come for stripped down versions from TBE fave’s like We Are Scientists, Surfer Blood, Freelance Whales, and Eli “Paperboy” Reed, and stay for the new jams ou didn’t know about. My ear was caught by this Pigeon John track that pops and bounces with tongue in check humor and an infectious chorus. Pigeon John has apparently been around forever and I’ll definitely be digging into his catalog. Hist latest LP, Dragon Slayer, has got some solid reviews.

♫ Oberhofer – ooOooOoo (Snacky Tunes LIVE) (actually titled “o0O0o0O0o”)

The other standout that caught my ear was a track from Oberhofer that I had actually shrugged off a long while back. Hearing it now in this bare-bones guitar and vocals version I am bummed I haven’t had it “ooooh ooo ooooh”-ing through my head all this time. Simple and straight forward jangle-pop that makes me realize I need to dig deeper into Brad Oberhofer and his quirky jams.

Pigeon John at MySpace /// eMusic /// Amazon too

Oberhofer at MySpace /// eMusic /// Amazon too

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