[MP3] WORK DRUGS have a pretty RAD song that is a RACER to my list of chill favorites

’cause the city is lonely when we’re not strong enough

♫ Work Drugs – Rad Racer

Work Drugs described their sound to me as “a few parts chillwave… a few parts indie pop… and several parts smooth sailin’ / yacht rock.” If you are listening to “Rad Racer” then you’ll know they pretty much nailed it. Both the song and the description. Soft handclaps, hushed vocals, and sparkling guitars blend at each others seams like waves sliding up a sunset-drenched beach. Calmly appropriate for Sunday listening but with enough pep to keep the post-weekend blues at bay. Get more mp3 goodness from Philadelphia’s Work Drugs at their Soundcloud.

Bury your face in the Soundcloud /// Amazon too

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