[LP] THE-DREAM will definitely F.I.L.A. up your lady if you don’t have a fresh YAMAHA to compete with this Love King

she said she had a man but i had to pursue her, he ain’t never there, so she let me do her, now i’m all up on her like “oh, oh,” now she all up on me like “oh, oh”

♫ The-Dream – F.I.L.A.

The-Dream is a name I have heard bandied about over the past few years but considering that neitther top 40 radio nor R&B are really my jams I never paid much attention. That all changed 6 weeks ago when The Todd over at Audiomuffin wrote a review of The-Dream’s new album that had me instantly sold on it. I highly recommend you read his piece and then get your own hands on the album quick! This is 79 minutes of straight between the sheets sexiness. Seiously, did you read those lyrics. But in addition the some of the most hilariously blush-worthy lyrics around, the beats are on point and I guarantee you will find a new appreciation for the genre. After all, this is the guy that wrote Rhianna’s “Umbrella” and Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” He is not fucking around.

♫ The-Dream – Yamaha

Not many in the game could get away with using a motorcycle as an analogy for his lady but luckily The-Dream pulls it off with flava to spare. In addition to these hot tracks I recommend “Panties To The Side” which is about exactly what you think and “Florida University” which is The-Dream’s way of using the school’s acronym to tell off an ex. Sweetness. Ok people, time to get sexy!

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