[LP] tUnE-YarDs – W H O K I L L (w/ “Gangsta”)

bang-bang, oi, never move to my hood, cause danger is crawlin’ out the wood

♫ tUnE-YarDs – Gangsta

  • Who: Merrill Garbus and Nate Brenner, “plus other rad musicians that join us at times”
  • What:  like Danny Dance, Jens Lindahl
  • Where: Oakland, CA + Facebook / Amazon
  • When:  2nd LP, W H O K I L L, came out last April.
  • Why: Because if you wrote them off after hearing tracks from much-less catchy debut Bird-Brains then you need to reconsider. After reading so much praise for W H O K I L L on so many best-of lists I finally investigated. “Gangsta” immediately grabbed my ear and slapped it around like a drugged rodent. “WTF is happening here and where do I get more?” said both me and the rodent. The answer is that tUnE-YarDs is happening and “Gangsta” is a perfect introduction. From the bang-on-pots rhythm to the echo effects to the crazy vocals, music doesn’t get much more epic and creative at the same time.
  • Spastic teenager capitalization aside, these are the songs of a band finding their footing and stating a case for their music. Sing-song hooks, herky-jerky beats, lyrics about all kinds of stuff, and a general sense that there is nothing else quite like this going on pervade W H O K I L L. Oh, plus horns. Great horns.
  • The whole LP runs strong and solid but “Bizness” is the other single and standout. Other songs range from stomping to tender but Garbus holds them all together with an arsenal of charm. Buy this album. Your Monday blues will be instantly cured.
BONUS: Here is a Hood Internet mashup of “Gangsta” with Rihanna’s “S&M.” Fun.

The Hood Internet – GANGS&M (tUnE-yArDs x Rihanna) by hoodinternet

Artist links: Facebook / Amazon

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