Mariah Carey ft. Miguel – “#Beautiful”

Mariah carey - #Beautifulyou’re fucking beautiful and i can’t pretend that that doesn’t mean a thing to me

Like a selfish moron, I haven’t written about Miquel here but that doesn’t mean his album Kaleidoscope Dream hasn’t been steaming up my bedroom windows for the past few months. Mariah very wisely wants to hitch her limp wagon to this rising star and wrangled this sultry collaboration that runs so smooth on the ears. She has her name leading on “#Beautiful” but really, its a Miquel song. Get into it.

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  1. KoalaCandelabra
    KoalaCandelabra says:

    I was so confused to see Mariah come up on your hype machine feed. This song would be better with any other female lead, but then again it is still a Miguel song, so steam on!

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