[MERCH] Limited Time PRE-ORDER on new TBE shirts! Pick your color! Plus Tote Bags!


Just in time for summer TBE is offering a few new T-Shirt options for those inclined to look fresh during these warmer months. Also the new TBE tote bag for carrying stuff in! As a special bonus for the next few days I am offering some more t-shirt styles. I probably cant afford to keep these in stock normally but if you order now then I can get them printed no problem. After that I really don’t know what color/style I will end up stocking or what price they will end up being (probably $18-20). So if you are at all interested in a V-neck, cotton fabric, or a tank top, then order now. Also during this pre-order you can pick any color you want for the shirt. The ink will still be the electric blue but slap any color shirt you want under it! Just go to the TBE Boutique and check out the styles and links to see what colors are available. This makes things quite complicated on my end but I know what it’s like to have a great shirt in the color/style you want so I’m more than happy to get this wrangled for you all so we can spread the TBE love!

PRE-ORDER discount prices! • Shirts – $15 • Tote Bags – $6

Also, if there is any other kind of clothing you would want the TBE logo on that can be arranged in this pre-order (a hoodie would be sweet!). Pick something from the American Apparel store and let me know the item and I’ll figure out pricing.

See below for some picture of people around the world looking awesome in their TBE shirts. You can also see what the Orchid color of the tri-blend of the crew neck looks like on me.

Brandon in Warsaw (With the Orchid Tri-Blend)

John in Dubai

Faizal in Kuala Lumpur

Blake in NYC

Frank (from Barbara) in Santa Monica

Doug in Santa Monica

Anyone else with a TBE shirt should send in a photo and I’ll put it up in this Hall of Awesome!