[EP] COSMONAUT CRECHKO and friends do some SINGIN’ over some sweet beats

i wish you could keep me in your garden

♫ Cosmonaut Grechko – Singin’ (Feat. Joywave) (radio edit)

After a big run in these pages by remixing the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Metric, and Joywave, Russian teenager Cosmonaut Grechko has an EP of his own stuff slated for release. First single “Singin'” features the Americans in Joywave and sounds pretty damn nice. I’m loving the sound of these two forces together again. Grechko kicks the beat out like a featherlight top swirling over a sparkling pool as Joywave bring vocals like crisp watermelon. It’s pretty much the perfect song for a bright sunny day and the world at your fingertips. Cut Copy could take some lessons. The rest of the Alaska 2100 EP contains 2 more originals and a handful of remixes, all sure to keep that shades n’ smile combo working overtime.

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