[MP3] JOYWAVE are GOLDEN, whatever STATE they come from they can still HANG WITH ME and ROBYN

i watched myself rise up from beneath the sand and i knew i was here to stay

♫ Joywave – Golden State

Joywave hail from Rochester, NY, but have made their mark on my ears with this epic jam about love and loss in my home state on the left coast. “Golden State” pulls no punches, hard charging like souped up convertible on it’s way to Hooksville via a detour in Singalongstown. It’s a big, unabashed break-up rock song full of soul, guitars, and drums. And I can’t stop listening to it.

♫ Joywave – Hang With Me (Robyn Cover)

In a showcase of their eclectic style, Joywave have blessed us with a mellowed-out cover of the track made famous by Robyn’s own 2010 cover. Among their minimal instrumentation, Robyn’s version gets time-stretched to 800% and features as an ‘instrument.’ It’s an interesting yet successful take on the song, and even comes paired with a more interesting video treatment.

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  1. candace
    candace says:

    Just had to say I’m loving both these tracks, and got freakily emotional about Golden State. Thanks for sharing

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