[LP] ROBYN can HANG WITH ME anytime

i know what’s on your mind, there will be time for that too

♫ Robyn – Hang With Me

The stripped down version of “Hang With Me” from Body Talk Pt. 1 is a favorite highlight of the disc and so naturally I was hesitant to embrace this dancier update. However, after seeing Robyn crush it live on Friday I am now sold on it’s value, either way you play it. Robyn took the stage at Warsaw’s Free Form Festival (a night that included an amazing performance from KAMP!) and immediately had the whole place bumpin’ and jumpin’. The girl knows her shit and her backing band of various bearded Swedes did a fine job of bringing the jams to life. Needless to say it was an epic night! It’s just too bad that Body Talk Pt. 2 isn’t as good as the first installment. The tracks all seem to be a bit tamer and bring less funk to the table. It’s definitely good stuff, it’s just that Pt. 1 was great. She is really going to have to up her game if she wants Pt. 3 to get any kind of heavy rotation. It’s just too easy to get bogged down with 3 releases in one year! Anyway, while we wait for Pt. 3 there is at least this fun collaboration with Snoop Dogg who just seems to make everything better!

♫ Robyn – U Should Know Better (Featuring Snoop Dogg)

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