MINUS THE BEAR HOLD on to an old fan: ME. I’m DOWN with Omni..

hold me down, baby, or the wind will catch me out again

♫ Minus The Bear – Hold Me Down

Six weeks ago we got a taste of Minus The Bear’s first single off of their 4th LP Omni. That song, “My Time” (below), has quickly become one of my favorite songs of the year so I was both excited and nervous to hear the rest of the album. I’ve been sitting on it for a week now and can happily say that this is some good stuff. A lot less angular and jagged than 2005’s Menos El Oso and more upbeat than 2007’s Planet Of Ice, it’s the smoothest and most polished offering we’ve heard from these guys. Their quirky guitar noodling and odd beats are still their, they just aren’t the driving force anymore. Omni kicks things off right with “My Time” and while it’s solid until the finish it’s “Hold Me Down” that always catches my ear. It’s got that signature Minus The Bear guitar sparkle/crunch combo and you gotta love that churning ‘I’m giving you up’ chant towards the end! “Secret Country” and “Animal Backwards” are two other standouts that you can luckily listen to right here as you stream the whole album below. Don’t forget to catch up on their other classics in the last TBE post!

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