ANNI ROSSI isn’t CRUSHING beats here but my LIMBS are still happy

hanging on the rocky cliffs, waiting for them to pull me down

♫ Anni Rossi – Crushing Limbs

This new one by Chicago/L.A. songstress Anni Rossi bounced through my headphones on the walk to school this morning and it was the perfect way to ease my tired mind into gear. A pulsing bass and prancing guitars are occasionally interrupted by some sort of great clip-clop percussion thing and then a kettle drum (?). Whatever is going on, it is perfectly minimal while still being immensely catchy. It’s also nice to hear Anni’s vocals more relaxed and confident than they were on last years great “Machine” (below). “Machine” came from Anni’s debut LP Rockwell (which was recorded in one day) but I have no idea where “Crushing Limbs” fit’s into things. Whether a one-off single, or beginning of a new album, I’m glad to have this track on my iPod for tomorrow morning.

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