Monarch – “Want Your Love”

There is always a place in my heart for big and polished heartbreak jams for lonely hearts. The kind of music that makes you want to sing out loud in the rain in a totally un-ironic way. (Gotta let the emotions out, man!) Monarch are currently delivering a major thunderstorm in my room right now. “Want Your Love” is a fantastic slice of heart on sleeve lover rock that is just 1 of the 7 jams streaming on their Soundcloud. Get into it. Oh, and not that it matters with the lights off, but Monarch shares some members with One Republic so its kinda no surprise these jams are so tight.

[soundcloud id=’117050225′ playerType=’Mini’ width=’300px’]

Come see Monarch play live tomorrow at The Spare Room in Hollywood! I’ll be DJing between sets and setting the mood for love.