[MP3] ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI haven’t had much CONTACT with me but i’m sure getting HIGH off this new jam

i’m done dreaming that we can fly, am i guilty boy, you decide, i got nothing to hide

♫ Architecture In Helsinki – Contact High

Australia’s Architecture in Helsinki are one of those bands that I always hear about but have never heard much from. Then the awesome Clock Opera remix of their new single “Contact High” hit my ears and suddenly they meant something. Tracking down the original informed me that it wasn’t all Clock Opera doing the magic on that track and the original has more than it’s fair share of grooveability. The beat is simple yet incredibly infectious and I am constantly torn between trying to find a dance move that fits and just plain singing along. While finding this track in my iTunes I stumbled across another track of theirs I once loved.

♫ Architechture in Helsinki – That Beep

“That Beep” traces back to 2008 and oddly enough was the first taste of their latest album Moment Bends. I guess they took their sweet time getting the rest together but it sounds like the results were well worth it. I’ll definitely be tracking the whole disc down soon.

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