[MP3] Azealia Banks – “212”

now she wanna lick my plum in the evenin’

♫ Azealia Banks – 212

If Nicki Minaj is the reigning queen of chill-inducing pipes that can destroy a room with their range and charisma then Azealia Banks is the polar opposite, laying down rhymes with a flat delivery that still packs plenty of charm. Oh wait, nope. Scratch that. She has mega-pipes too.

The Harlem based 20 year old rapper brings her whole bag of tricks to “212,” laying down lazy valley-girl flow, choppy rhymes that are a beat on their own, and huge vocals that are woven and served over a pretty sick production plate. For all her dirty lyrics and straight-forward sex talk, something about Banks feels so much less forced than similar “shock” artists like Peaches or M.I.A. Plus, her cover of Interpol’s “Slow Hands” shows a nice range of influences. Other Azealia tracks seem rougher than “212” but I won’t let that temper my excitement for what will hopefully develop.

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