[MP3] Bastian – “Touch and Go”

if i have to come down i’m not hanging around

♫ Bastian – Touch and Go

  • Who: Bas, Eelco, Freek, and 4 other guys with boring names.
  • What: Electro-funk, like Chromeo, Ghosthouse, Prince
  • Where: Amsterdam + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: Their 4th LP There’s No Such Place is out now.
  • Why: Last we heard from these guys they were kicking the big elastic grooves on “Mixed Messages.” The song’s tale of a girl taking a “shit on my soul” clearly took it’s toll on our guys and they have turned to other substances for relief. This jam sure cures what ails me and I hope it does the same for Bastian.
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  1. Gaspard
    Gaspard says:

    Oh, but they do have a bunch of official releases! this is their fourth Album already. the first one called “Ready” was released on Virgin records benelux back in 2001.. then they released “It’s all down hill from here” and “IV” on http://www.challengerecords.com/artists/1184246736 … Their latest album release called “There’s no such place” is out on http://www.excelsior-recordings.com/category/bastian/ ( Holland’s top “indie” label) .. For all you Funk lovers out there.. ;-)

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