[MP3] BUTCHER BLADES/ won’t make you dance like THE perfect SWAN but they are a MACHINE of sweet beats nonetheless

aaah doo eeehh aaahh ahh!

♫ Butcher Blades/ – The Swan Machine

Cold front? Winter time? Snow fall? Street slush? Crisp winds? Icicle injuries? Not today my friends! Melbourne, Australia’s Butcher Blades/ (yes, slash included) were tipped off to me by loyal TBE reader Darwin and “The Swan Machine” has been warming my bones for the past few weeks as I practice my hula moves, steel drummer impersonation, and tribal chanting. Not easy to do all of them simultaneously.

♫ Butcher Blades/ – The Mystery of Mulungu Cove

Once you’ve broke a sweat to the impossibly catchy rhythms of “The Swan Machine” you can catch a breath under the nectar-sweet shade of “The Mystery Of Mulungu Cove.” Things start out like a scene in a Disney movie where one might encounter a silken-haired maiden and make passionate kissing time but then quickly evolve into the fighting-for-her-honor scene. How does it end? You guess. I just hope you are ready for impossibly cute babies that may or may not be half animal.

More (free!) Butcher Bades/ at their Bandcamp where all their jams are paired with impossibly awesome vintage photos. Dig it.

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