[MP3] Cocknbullkid – “I’m Not Sorry”

i have to be this absolute if i’m ever to make a man of you, you should know i never sleep, when i’m sleeping with you

♫ Cocknbullkid – I’m Not Sorry

  • Who: Anita Blay
  • What: Genre, like Little Boots, Janelle Monae,
  • Where: London, UK + Facebook / Amazon
  • When: The Adolescence mixtape is out and free.
  • Why: Right around New Year’s Cocknbullkid quietly dropped her debut mixtape Adolescence. Even though I downloaded it then it still kind of flew under my radar. However, It deserves some attention because there are some great tracks on it. “I’m Not Sorry” is the kind of kinetic bouncer full of spunk and swagger that made us fall for Cocknbullkid’s style back with her self-titled track. Plus the throwback synth breakdown around 2:20 is left-field fun.