[LP] THE SHOES have apparently not been WASTIN’ any TIME

you know the hounds won’t wait for no one, but i, i waited my life for you

♫ The Shoes – Wastin’ Time The Shoes finally released an album!! These guys have been showing on remix radars for years now, finally releasing their own “People Movin” with Primary 1 back in 2009. Luckily the patient wait for these Frenchmen to get their act together (and recruit a host of fantastic guests like Esser and CocknBullKid) has been totally worth it. Crack My Bones is 10 songs of solid booty shaking gold, providing enough variety to get everyone grooving at some point or another. Nothing sounds half-assed and the album feels like it’s been crafted with a passion for moving people. But it’s not just limbs these guys move, they can get tender too. “Wastin’ Time” is a great example of the delicate touch these dudes have. Propulsive yet airy. It’s filled with energy but not overwhelming. It’s gorgeous. But just as you’ve been lulled into it’s hypnotic trance, The Shoes follow it up with the aptly titled pump-up “Time To Dance.” I mean let’s not forget what Fridays are all about people!

I’m not going to get into the album too much cause you can stream the whole thing here and discover your own favorite track. I will say that you should definitely make it through the whole album because closer and total sonic adventure “Investigator” does all 9 minutes of itself total justice.

BONUS: ♫ The Shoes – New York ft Boy Crisis (non-album track)

Here is a non-album single they let loose last year with the guys from Boy Crisis. Listen close and you’ll remember that yes, that’s the same band that features one half of Das Racist. I feel like this track needs a summer evening and a massive D-battery-powered boombox to do it right!

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