[LP] Drunksouls – REVOLUTION (w/ “Human Race”)

i got to find my place

♫ Drunksouls – Human Race

  • Who: 10 French dudes.
  • What: Tropi-ska reggae, like Kisses, Tanlines, Sean Bones
  • Where: Marseille, France + Facebook
  • When: LP Revolution is out now.
  • Why: Summertime always dregs up weird cravings. Beverages served in coconuts. Fruit salad in your wine. You know. Sometimes you just want to kick back with an album of ska-tinged reggae vibes sung in either English or French or even Polish (“Studium w Bieli”), amiright? Luckily Drunksouls are here to fill that void in your life. Don’t make me talk about it. Just grab the nearest ottoman, kick your feet up, and drift along.