[MP3] Fang Island – “Asunder”

hey will it all be over, war in the blink of an eye

♫ Fang Island – Asunder

  • Who: Jason, Chris, Marc.
  • What: Amped up indie rock, like Team Me, The Danks, Regurgitator
  • Where: Providence, Rhode Island + Facebook
  • When: New LP Major is out July 24th.
  • Why: Fang Island’s heavy 2010 buzz (and awesome name) got me into their jam “Life Coach” but apparently not enough to ever post about it. This new jam “Asunder” is a different story. It’s like an army of caffeinated toy soliders are spilling from my speakers with mixed directives to attack, dance and rock out. And one of them definitely has a guitar instead of a gun. Got a road trip coming up? This one belongs at the top of that playlist.
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  1. Nuked Baby
    Nuked Baby says:

    Wasn’t what I thought of this song at first, but your description really sold me on it. Thanks.

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