[MP3] Colorfeels – “Pretty Walk”

did i say too much, did i not say enough, where did i fail you my love?

♫ Colorfeels – Pretty Walk

Now this is beautiful heartbreak. The sun is setting, refracting it’s rays off the calm evening waves, as one man sings along to the light of a fading tiki torch. The luau is writhing a few hundred feet down the beach but somehow you don’t even care. You’ve come across this music and your feet suddenly melded with the sand as you stare transfixed, soaking it in, your breathing shallower with every note. As the song drifts away in it’s final minute you suck the last of your tropical drink through it’s neon straw and it suddenly tastes salty. You tell yourself it’s the sea air but your cheeks know better.

Colorfeels are from Nashville, Tennesse, but so far seem to radiate the vibes of a different place all together. Their debut album is called Syzygy and is out now for name-your-price at Bandcamp. I’m getting it right now.

Crank the amp at Bandcamp

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  1. elisabeth
    elisabeth says:

    this is probably the silliest description i have ever read on your site! :D
    don’t worry tho, i’m here to stay.

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