[LP] Rubik – SOLAR (w/ “World Around You”)

my wild-eyed wonder, daughter of the sun, tie your hand to mine, and we will, we will jump

♫ Rubik – World Around You

Finland’s Rubik have done some slow sneaking on my ears. RAC gave them their first in with his naturally stellar remix of “Wasteland” before 7 months later their own track “Laws of Gravity” established them as a force of their own. But still, don’t ask my why, I wasn’t expecting such a solid album. Hearing Solar for the first time caught me off guard. I guess I thought they would be a throw away indie-jam-one-hit-of-the-month kinda thing but Solaris textured, delicate, rocking, and interesting, all while staying true to their own Rubik sound. “Laws of Gravity” distracts you from it’s clever emotional build with it’s instant catchiness and big drums. “World Around You” is a toy train on steroids ans it’s careens it’s day-glo body around beautifully sloping railways on a summer afternoon. “Storm In a Glass of Water” and “Solar Death March (In Octaves)” showcase their knack for making beautiful music even when stripped down to it’s barest bones. And all that is less than half the album. The latter third of Solar gets a bit more melancholy and tender but it’s still good stuff. You will just want to come down off your mid-album “Laws of Gravity” sugar high.

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