[MP3] Delicate Steve – “Butterfly”

♫ Delicate Steve – Butterfly

Don’t hold your breath for any lyrics here because you aren’t going to get any. In fact, don’t hold your breath at all because you are gonna need it to call your buddy and tell him you just heard this song by Delicate Steve and it’s not really that delicate but it’s definitely made by a dude named Steve and they should check it out.

I discovered Delicate Steve from Fairly Coherent but there are some way more interesting stories of people discovering him that involve Chuck Klosterman and “40 musical instruments.” Delicate Steve has two albums out, one with indie drummer (Wavves) Zach Hill. Peep his Bandcamp for streaming action.

Crank the amp at Bandcamp / Facebook too

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  1. DJ Invisiboy
    DJ Invisiboy says:

    Cool track I second JenMP3, the video is pretty cool http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWNIajNpsAA. Also cool, but super nerdy, watch the video in one tab, while hitting play on the Burning Ear player in another tab. Good stuff!

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