[MP3] Delphic – “Good Life”

how is it going? where do we get now? what does it matter?why do you still count?

♫ Delphic – Good Life

  • Who: Richard, Matt, James, Dan
  • What: Upbeat synth grooves, like Passion Pit, Atlas Genius, Gemini Club
  • Where: Manchester, UK + Facebook
  • When: New album later this year.
  • Why: It’s been longer than a hot minute since we’ve heard from Delphic but the 3+ years off seems to have done good things to the guys. “Good Life” is their official 2012 London Olympics single (whatever that means) and they will be following up with an album soon. “Good Life” is an anthem for exactly what it says it will be. Upbeat grooves paired with endless chants of “Yeah!” make for great summer listening. Plus, those chopped up chipmunk vocals harken back to early Passion Pit which is always good times.
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