[MP3] DIGITALISM are 2 dudes who get our HEARTS beating with the rhythm

don’t move, just close your eyes, i grab your hands and then

♫ Digitalism – 2 Hearts

If you know Digitalism then you know they blew up a few years back and then dipped right off the radar as their brand of electro took over the world. Well the 2 dudes from Germany are back and dishing out more tight jams for sexy times. “2 Hearts” is all swirling beats and synths that aim for your body’s central dancing cortex. Don’t resist, you may slip a disc. Digitalism’s new album is called I Love You, Dude (??) and drops June 20th.

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  1. Chuck
    Chuck says:

    It’s funny you posted the Digitalism post right after the Glasnost post. I saw these two bands play together in Houston back in 2008.

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