[MP3] DREAM JEFFERSON are probably happy as Canadian clams that they aren’t at WESTMINSTER ABBEY

that stance harder than a frank miller batman, couldn’t get a grip with a wish and a fat chance

♫ Dream Jefferson – Westminster Abbey

Royal Wedding, Will & Kate, blah blah blah. The ONLY redeeming factor I can find in all this is it enticed Dream Jefferson to squeeze out another track that I can rub on my ears. This tribute to lost chances with a future princess is a much smoother affair than their epic party-rap EP Sasquatch Bury Their Dead but still has their Grade A Canadian maple syrup flavored stamp all over it. So watch the wedding – if you must – or just kick back with this jam and thank your lucky stars you aren’t waking up at 8am to fight through throngs of Royal fanboys eager to throw their necks out trying to get a look at a parade. You can also be thankful “Westminster Abbey” is the first single off of Dream Jefferson’s upcoming Punch Perm EP. Now that’s news worth some TV coverage.

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