[EP] DREAM JEFFERSON are on about VAMPYROTEUTHIS and THE GHOSTS OF SAN SIMEON on their epic debut ep

cause we’re all dying at some point, i can’t afford to restart, i only got one coin

♫ Dream Jefferson – Vampyroteuthis

Dream Jefferson are a Toronto duo who deal in the illicit street art they call “Canadian-Electro-Party-Rap.” If that sounds like the worst ever then you need to slow your roll and take that one word at a time. Aw fuck it, no time for reading when jams like this are pumping through my headphones, making me want to mount this office desk and raise the damn roof! Producer and lyricist Corboe lays down the sick/slick beats while he and Owel Five spit hook-heavy rhymes about everything from “luminescence” to For Who The Bell Tolls. This is not your younger cousin’s party-rap, this is Dream Jefferson and as far as I am concerned they’ve wiped the slate clean, if only to rest their beers on it while they rock our business.

♫ Dream Jefferson – The Ghosts of San Simeon

Take these two tracks as a taste of their vibe and range and once you have acclimated to party-rap transcendance then take in the rest of their debut EP, Sasquatch Bury Their Dead. It is being offered a free download so don’t waste any time on that. All 7 tracks pop and swerve with the tightest hip-hop swagger I’ve heard all year. The opening tracks begins with a sample of some stuffy guy saying “you best put seat-belts on your ears, cause I’m gonna take them for the ride of their lives.” While that is certainly a bold statement, it’s not far from the truth.

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  1. Mattyb484
    Mattyb484 says:

    Brilliant. Fresh. And available nowhere! I live in Australia and will have to wait until some sort of momentum propels this band into… well…. at the very least the itunes music store!!

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Matty, my man, you must have started rocking too soon and missed the part about the EP being FREE! The iTunes store can eat sticks cause Dream Jefferson are bringing the world together!

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