[MP3] Frank Ocean – “Back”

we can make love with our bare hands we can make light out of thin air

♫ Frank Ocean – Back

It’s been a while since Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia: Ultra mixtape/LP blew our minds and while we have heard various other tracks leak (and some stellar Watch The Throne guest spots), none of them have hit me as hard as “Back.” This is the ODWGKTA crooner firing on all cylinders. A tale of dedication to a lover told in the kind of unique way that lets you know he is singing from the heart. Production by Dapo is about as buttery and heart-string pulling as it gets but wrapped around Ocean’s silky verses it all works so well. Gentlemen, man your mixtape machines! Ladies, watch out for recycled Ocean lines coming from your man! Bedsheets, watch out for increased traffic in 2012.

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