[LP] Gotye – MAKING MIRRORS (w/ “In Your Light”)

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♫ Gotye – Eyes Wide Open (previously posted)

Gotye released on of last years Best Songs with the galloping “Eyes Wide Open” (above) and then did it again this year with much calmer (and even more infectious?)  “Somebody That I Used To Know.” With a track record like that leading up to his new album Making Mirrors it’s easy to wonder what else Wally De Backer could possibly have in store. Lucky for us the notoriously eclectic Aussie has a whole bouquet of gems lined up on his 3rd LP. (stream the whole album below)

♫ Gotye – In Your Light

Tracks like new singe “I Feel Better” and new personal favorite “In Your Light” (above) kick up the energy and bring some throwback soul to their tales of ecstatic love. “State Of The Art” raises eyebrows with its robot-styled “ode” to technology. “Smoke and Mirrors” and “Bronte” reel things back and let Gotye’s delicate arrangements compliment his great voice. But really nothing showcases the man’s talent for tender songwriting than “Giving Me A Chance.” An apology in it’s most beautiful form. A appreciative soul knowing the value of his second chance. So many songs beg for forgiveness but none ever give thanks for being given it.

Making Mirrors is certainly not a thrill a minute joyride but De Backer sure knows the value of variety on an album. No songs sound the same and if you aren’t in love with one or two then I guarantee there will be 3 or 4 you do love. Something else you can love is the fact that Gotye has made a handful of different videos for various tracks. Besides the fantastic one we know for “Somebody That I Used To Know,” there are animated clips for “State Of The Art,” “Easy Way Out” and “Bronte” (best!). Making Mirrors has already become the most successful album in Australia this year and it;s no surprise why. Any country should be as proud and supportive of talent like this. Stream the album (and download bonus track “Showdown Below My Sombrero”) below.

Gotye – Making Mirrors by Gotye

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