[MP3] FROGS IN SOCKS know IT DON’T matter if you MEAN to dance or not, it’s just A THING that will happen

awww, yeah!

♫ Frogs in Socks – It Don’t Mean A Thing

Uh-oh… Shoulders bouncing… toes tapping… body swaying… Might have to turn it up a bit and test out my new socks on these hardwood floors. And suddenly it all makes sense. Named after a saying that their Australian buddies used to say*, Frogs in Socks are Oli and Tom from Manchester and they’ve sampled “It Don’t Mean a Thing” by Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, turning it into a thumpy party starter that anyone in their right mind can get behind. Gotta love those horns!

*”[this party] is going off like a frog in a sock, mate!”

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