[MP3] IDA MARIA a CHERRY of rocker, pushing my equalizers into the RED

i’m gonna be your girl tonight, i’m gonna make you apple pie

♫ Ida Maria – Cherry Red

Tambourine, bass, guitar, and drums that mean business. Couple that with vocals that both sound and say that she’s having more fun than anyone and it’s hard not to enjoy the steamy bounce and crunch of “Cherry Red.” Go back to the very first post of this blog and you will find my top albums of 2008 list were Norwegian Ida Maria’s debut LP Fortress Around My Heart was praised for putting a nail in the coffin of the stereotype that chicks can’t rock. Ida has been laying low since then, regrouping and rethinking things but luckily for us teamed up with the legendary Butch Walker to produce her follow up LP Katla. It’s already out in Norway and will see worldwide release soon. From the sound of “Cherry Red” as well as the short song/clip “Whatever” below, Ida seems to be as loose and fun as ever and we may be in for another great gleaming chunk of polished chick rock.


Ida Maria | Myspace Music Videos

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