pile lover upon lover ’til we’re covered with skin

♫ Geographer – Kites

Shit man, this is what I’m talking about. Crazy noodling keyboards laced with angelic vocals that then break into a goosebump inducing beat that continues climbing and soaring like a [insert non-kite metaphor here]. B at Audiomuffin turned me on to this San Francisco 3-piece a while back and I have been in love with this track ever since. Geographer was started by Michael Deni after the unexpected death of both his sister and father. The weight of those experiences come across as the music is more than just sugary synths but has a soul that anchored it to my ears on the first listen. Their debut LP Innocent Ghosts came out in 2008 and this year saw the release of the Animal Shapes EP [home of “Kites”]. I will be going to get both albums on eMusic right about…… now!

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