[MP3] JACK LITTMAN gives me the SINKING suspicion that not enough people are on board his SHIP

if you made it easier on me, will things stay the same? are we together? we ‘aint as strange

♫ Jack Littman – Sinking Ship

I’ve never been known for being the first to post about bleeding edge stuff on TBE. My inbox gets backed up, I like to listen to stuff quite a bit before putting it up, etc. So it’s all the more shocking that when I finally get around to posting about this track I’ve had for 2 weeks now, I see that Jack Littman only has 18 listens on Last.fm. Literally, 33% of that is me and it’s high time I had some company. “Sinking Ship” is too good of a track to have all to myself. Littman’s vocals don’t seem to match his youthful face, but then again, “Sinking Ships” haunting grooves don’t exactly fit with their birthplace of Los Angeles. With an offbeat blend of thumping rhythms, soulful lyrics, and distorted horns, Littman creates an immediately ear catching sound that I am loving more an more with every listen. The rest of The Mixtape EP is available for the undervalued price of free at his Bandcamp. I’m headed there to get it right now.

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