[EP] JACK LITTMAN has an ep that i GOT2HAVEU all get a copy off

wintertime will turn to spring, seasons change but don’t you change a thing

♫ Jack Littman – Got2HaveU

Since I posted on Jack Littman’s “Sinking Ship” 2 weeks ago, his total Last.fm listens has gone from 18 to 122. Relatively, that’s a pretty good increase but I know that half of those are mine. Not enough people are getting on this guy’s jams.

Right after posting “Sinking Ship” I picked up the rest of his very awesome and very free EP The Mixtape (not an actual mixtape, all original) and have been listening to it nonstop. I just had to post about it again on TBE. This is my favorite EP of the year so far and a shoe-in for the Top of 2011 list. On a more funky jam like “Got2HaveU” (unfortunate about the spelling) Jack’s earnest and hopeful vocals, along with the powerful beat, provide a nice uptick after the more brooding “Sinking Ship.” All 6 tracks tread the perfect balance between a sort of ominous darkness and an undeniable infectiousness.  They are love songs without the sugar. Dance songs without the club lights. Sex songs without the innuendo. Every track has something unique going on. There is the twinkling xylophone on “Little Pretty Thing,”  the astounding guitar work on “Waiting,” Jack’s lusty rapping on “Goochie Goo,” and the acoustic delicacy of “Undercover Lover.” The Mixtape‘s production is minimal, leaving each song plenty of breathing room. Never over-stuffed, I feel the power of each instrument as they assemble the unique final product. I would post every song here but that would be silly. I really cant recommend this EP enough. And it’s free. He’s on tour now so go see him before he blows up proper. Talent like this surely won’t stay relegated to this little blog forever.

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