[MP3] Jjanice+ – “Aleas”


♫ Jjanice+ – Aleas

  • Who: Joel Janice & friends.
  • What: Groovin pop/rap, like Harlan, Seye, Nick Waterhouse,
  • Where: Montreal, Canada + Facebook
  • When: A 2010 EP and this new jam.
  • Why: French-Canadians have a long history of groovy music but bright tropical summers aren’t really Montreal’s forte so it’s fun to hear such perfect summer fare from them. It  is also fun to hear it in French. My French skillz are very limited but I imagine he singing about how him and friends do mad chill stuff like drink beers, kick it by the pool, go out late and are generally awesome.  That chick part is probably her rebuttal about how her crew of girls is better cause they do other better chill stuff. Whatever, you guys, just get it on already! OK, so having just watched the video I don’t think that is what the song is about at all. But thats the fun of music!
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  1. Barrett
    Barrett says:

    Wish the quality was a little better, but I have a hunch this is a great band(?) to see live. That voice. Man. Makes me all tingly in my nethers.

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