[MP3] KORI POP came out of NOWHERE with a tune that is now NEAR to MY HEART

wallowing gets you nowhere real fast, it leaves you stoney until your smiles are phony and awfully lonely

♫ Kori Pop – Nowhere Near My Heart

All I know is that if my name was Kori Pop I would know somewhere in my head that I had to make music. I imagine Ms. Pop’s reasons run deep than her awesome name but they really needn’t. With a voice like that and tunes this catchy and endearing she doesn’t have to explain herself to anyone! I love the simplicity of the ragged handclaps and  piano work. The song seems to float on it’s own lightness. Her debut album From The Outskirts is out now! Check out the impressive video she made and directed herself below.

Nowhere Near My Heart (The Music Video) from Kori Pop on Vimeo.

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