[MP3] OH LAND wakes the SUN with her gem OF A song that hits like a pop GUN

birds sing for you, you can make the blue sky blush

♫ Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun

While I can sing the praises of Oh Land’s “Sun Of  Gun,” it’s Mike at The Recommender that does her beauty justice in his post on her. The girl is stunning and it’s a bit difficult to watch her perform her perfect pop nuggets (video below) without getting lost in her glowing Scandinavian features. Well, and that “oooh ooh” over the pulsating beat and sparse xylaphone is just perfect. Add in the fact that Naana Oland Fabricius writes and performs all her own music and her debut EP is out now and we’ve got something special here. I mean her real name is one of my favorite vocal garnishes! She is definitely worth keeping an eye on, for more than one reason.

Oh Land “Sun of a Gun” from Oh Land Music on Vimeo.

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