[LP] OH LAND debuts with a RAINBOW of tunes that light up these WHITE NIGHTS

all melodies are coming ashore, flushing over me

♫ Oh Land – Rainbow

Oh Land is currently Denmark’s hottest export and after hordes of us were caught in her gravitational pull with last year’s “Sun Of A Gun” her debut has been highly anticipated. If you were looking for the high intensity of “Sun Of A Gun” multiplied over all 11 tracks then you will be let down. Instead, the album largely sways and simmers as mellow indie pop drifts along to light beats and Oh Land’s pixie voice. Album closer “Rainbow” is one of my favorites, it’s xylophone plinking and finger snaps creating a delicate and crisp accompaniment to the bubbling vocals. An excellent way to wrap up the pleasant mix of moods and vibes that have been spread throughout the album. White Nights by OhLand

“White Nights” is the disc’s second single and is upbeat and fun while still maintaining it’s weight; a song that you should feel no hesitation get up and stomp around to at full volume. “Wolf & I” and the bounce-along gem  “We Turn It Up” are other favorites that are worth checking out to get a feel for Oh Land. The album isn’t breaking new ground or flipping anyone on their ears but it is certainly a solid collection of tunes that sets Oh Land on a higher shelf than some of the disappointing debuts of her female indie-pop peers. I’d like to see a little more edge and funk find their way into her jams but I guess that’s why we have awesome remixes. Everyone wins!

♫ Oh Land – White Nights (Max Tundra Remix)

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