[MP3] Sainte Etienne – “Tonight”

check my makeup, check my watch again, i can hardly wait

♫ Sainte Etienne – Tonight

  • Who: Bob, Pete, & Sarah
  • What: Euro dance-pop, like Ladyhawke, Kylie Minogue, Moby
  • Where: London, UK + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: First new LP since 2005 will be out this year.
  • Why: If this jam sounds a bit 90s to you then give yourself a high five. Saint Etienne are back and ready to gently groove us into the wee hours. Bob has mentioned that the song is all about the anticipation of going to see your favorite band play live. I think we can all relate to that. I imagine a few people will feel that same way about these guys on their tour. Nice.
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