[MP3] THE GAY BLADES TRY out some new tricks TO get us rocking and i can UNDERSTAND that

i think i’ll get it someday but for now i wont

♫ The Gay Blades – Try To Understand

The Gay Blades are one of the fiercest 2 piece bands I’ve ever seen tear up a stage. Although it’s always amazing to hear how much sound a pair of dudes can crank out it’s also nice to hear what those dudes do with more production. Here the Blades add horns to the mix, which along with a healthy supply of “oooh-oooohs” successfully gets my ass grooving and my ears pumped for Savages, the follow-up to 2007’s great Ghosts. While “Try To Understand” jam doesn’t grab as immediately as “O Shot” or “He Say She” it’s been growing on me with every listen and getting me thinking about what other sonic shifts the guys have been working on. October 5th, where are you!?

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