[MP3] The Hundred Days – “Sex U”

well, this might not be true love but i think that’s ok 

♫ The Hundred Days – Sex U

If anyone feels me on last year’s Scissor Sisters album being some sexy fire then you will know what’s up with this steamy jam. San Francisco’s The Hundred Days turn up the heat and hope you all get a bit sweaty with this dirty-dance-floor number that wears it’s hard-on on it’s sleeve. If the title didn’t give it away the lyrics make it clear that you are about to get schooled at Sex U, if you know what I mean (you do). If you are somehow still unsure what it’s all about then peep the video for a visual aid on song-appropriate activities and some crazy fake breasts. Now with that out of the way it’s time to get it on!

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  1. Deklin
    Deklin says:

    Lovin’ the tunes man, do you have a Spotify account? I need to be followings these jams…

  2. Deklin
    Deklin says:

    Definitely forgot about that…I’ve been downloading them here for a year plus now…can’t thank you enough…

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