[MP3] On-The-Go – “In The Wind” & “The Whaler”

go wild out there, grow wild out there

♫ On-The-Go – In The Wind

First Pompeya and now On-The-Go!? Russia is killing it this year and my ears couldn’t be happier. It starts with a heartbeat and then from the first second of delicate piano chords and vocals “In The Wind” commands your attention, reeling you further in with every added instrument. Even though there is something very melancholy in the music I can’t help but feel wide open and invigorated every time I hear it. It kinda reminds me of the last Foals album and that is a high compliment.

Hailing from the decaying Russian car industry city of Togliatti, On-The-Go somehow channel a lush equatorial energy that one doesn’t associate with Mother Russia. Take a look at the gorgeous video for “In The Wind” (below) and it may change your mental picture of Russia forever.

♫ On-The-Go – The Whaler

“The Whaler” expands their sound with a little more swagger and swing, bringing in a guitar line that melts my ears with every note. So nice. Anyway, On-The-Go have an EP called One Spark and I will be going to get it now. I suggest you do the same.

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