[EP] POMPEYA have an UNTITLED jam that has so much POWER it goes to II

come on closer child and i’ll give you the key

♫ Pompeya – Untitled

Not 10 seconds into “Untitled” and your eyebrows shoot skyward. “WHO is this?” Well, that’s a damn good question, and one I’ll answer, but first play a quick game with me. Guess where music like this might come from? That limbo-low bass? That street-swagger bounce? That jittery synth line? Those hazed-out vocals? Just guess. Ummm… nope. Wrong. And I know you’re wrong because I know you didn’t guess Russia. It would be impossible to guess Russia. Cheers to Pompeya for fucking with everything I thought I knew about music coming out of the former Easter Bloc. Cheers to Pompeya for spinning the most perfectly delicate spaced-out bedroom funk-pop I’ve heard in ages. Cheers to Pompeya. Seriously, come to Warsaw and the first round is on me!

♫ Pompeya – Power II

These guys from Moscow aren’t messing around. The seriously good tunes continue through the rest of their self-released debut EP Cheenese. Listen to it here along with a handful of other remixes and goodies that should keep you basking in Moscow-bred sunshine right through to summer.

Pompeya feel that their imagery is essential to understanding them and who am I to argue. It’s about as inviting and elegant as their music so I’m diving right in. The first clip is the video for the Cheenese EP‘s title track and depicts the band’s friends and lovers in one shot of spot-lit elegance.

I certainly can’t describe this amazing video better than the band does:

This video is a montage of clips stitched together from a personal video collection that was dug up in the attic. The material dates back to 1987 and portrays the story of our parents’ youth. For us it is an endless source of inspiration, a rare insight into the bizarre and exciting ways in which Western culture captivated the post-Soviet reality of the 80’s and 90’s.

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