[MP3] The Lulls In Traffic – “Silver Bells Are Ringing Only Grey”

so won’t you lend your ear, ’cause i’ve never known a holiday without you here

♫ The Lulls In Traffic – Silver Bells Are Ringing Only Grey

I didn’t organize a holiday mix this year because life has been hectic and there didn’t seem to be much new stuff (until just recently) but I had to post this dark and beautiful holiday track. The Lulls In Traffic are the new project from Aaron Marsh (of the awesome Copeland) and lyricist Ivan Ives. Copeland’s gorgeous melodies and Aaron’s delicate vocals are there, but so is the hip-hop flow of Ivan. It’s a contrast that works great together and somehow makes the song’s tale of loss that much deeper. This will be an interesting project to watch unfold. Check their single “The Rope To Pull Yourself Together”.

Artist links: Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon

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