[MP3] TIM KASHER is a guy I’M AFRAID I’M GOING TO have to talk about before you DIE and don’t HERE his new jam

so, i’ll write another chapter, i mean, it’s all i can do, and if my body’s tossed along the craggy rocks, i hope this book is waterproof

♫ Tim Kasher – I’m Afraid I’m Gonna Die Here

If you don’t know Tim Kasher by name, you may know his previous two bands: Cursive and The Good Life. Both came up in the Omaha scene and Tim is one of the Saddle Creek elder statesmen. Cursive’s “The Recluse” (Below) is one of my all time favorite tracks and holds a special place in my 2004. It’s nice to see Tim hasn’t lost his touch, and is equally deft at cranking up the fun with “I’m Afraid”‘s pumping horns, bouncing beat, and frantic handclaps. Between the music and the subject matter, it’s perfectly constructed for a listless Monday return to the office.

BONUS: ♫ Cursive – The Recluse

Bury your face in his website /// eMusic too