[MP3] VENUS INFERS dish THE raw TRUTH on how to be them

slowly but surely i’m learning that i willl never be all of the things i wanted to be when i was young

♫ Venus Infers – The Truth (About Venus Infers)

This track dates back to a 2008 self-titled but this LA based band just landed on my radar and caused quite a blip as their ramshackle guitar rock put it’s hooks in my ears.”The Truth” sneaks it’s bouncy percussion and guitar riffs into your body under the veil of intimate vocals that quickly turn raucous. The whole song scratches and lurches along with just enough catchy polish to sell me on these guys’ vibe. I’m currently jamming to a handfull of tracks from 2 early EPs as I wait for their 2010 LP You’ll Understand When You’re Older to finish downloading.

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