[LP] GENERATIONALS’ solid new album is still not as much of a GREENLEAF as i wanted it to be

raise our hands so they can see us, i’ll bet they want to know

♫ Generationals – Greenleaf

Generationals’ debut album flipped my musical landscape upside down and found itself recommended to anyone who would listen. It was a milestone album of 2009 and it’s timeless and genre-bending rock music soundtracked some great moments. So how is any band supposed to top that kind of impact? They aren’t. They can’t. And sadly that’s the situation between Generationals’ new album and I. I am quite fond of the thing but it didn’t have much of a fighting chance against the mark made by Con Law. Besides the top-notch standout opener “Ten-Twenty-Ten,” other album favorites are “You Say It Too” and “Tell Me Now.” Stream then and the rest of the album here and perhaps you won’t be so hard on the thing. Or maybe you will tell me I’m right. I dunno. I still love Generations and Astor-caster is a jam of an album but their debut is still my favorite.

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