[MP3] WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE will hopefully not FAIL us next year otherwise i’ll be FOREVER dissapointed

lately i’ve been screaming from lungs that a tongue won’t follow

♫ When Saints Go Machine – Fail Forever

This landed in my inbox today and in a rare instance of near instant turnaround it’s now being giddily thrust towards your lucky ears. A cyclic beat pulses as odd plinking sounds bounce in the distance. Then that smokey angelic voice (Antony anyone?) cuts in, the rolling strings rise up and the whole thing swirls into place. Fantastic. When Saints Go Machine hail from Copenhagen and their Fail Forever EP is out January 31st and it may be one of the best reasons to look forward to the new year. Ok, gotta go. Must listen again.

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  1. j.ziegler
    j.ziegler says:

    “Fail Forever” is featured on their 2010 LP “Ten Makes a Face”, so if you want the track you just buy the record. I have no idea why they’re re-releasing “Fail Forever”, perhaps they’re trying to make it, in the rest of the world.. Danny’s right about Quadron, they’re definitely worth checking out too.

  2. Brandon @ TBE
    Brandon @ TBE says:

    Yeah Copenhagen! I caught a few Quadron tracks earlier this year but wasn’t quite feeling them. I’m re-listening now and it’s definitely nice. Not sure it will sink it’s teeth in though.

  3. J Rich
    J Rich says:

    a little strange, a lot of awesome. thanks for the sweet new jam. (the guy’s voice remind anyone else of the singer from the aluminum group?)

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