MUCHUU are gonna be SOMEBODY. Try and TELL ME they’re not.


no more complicate, give me surprise

♫ Muchuu – Somebody Tell Me

Remember when you were young and fresh-faced and still hadn’t done much with your life because you were to busy being cute and idolizing celebrities? Yeah, well the brother/sister combo of Muchuu will never have those memories because their are younger and fresher-faced then you ever were and have already kicked out some infectious girl-fronted synth jams that promise big things from the wee duo. And umm, yeah, auto-tune is involved, and somehow it’s not awful. It’s actually pretty magical. Magical, yeah, that’s a good word to describe “Somebody Tell Me.”

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  1. The_Recommender
    The_Recommender says:

    Totally adorable duo. We want them to come to Brighton to play live at our Recommender gigs in 2010. Hoping to book them on the same slot as The Good Natured. Would be an amazing night. We will see…

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